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whitesnake wiki

Lies die Biografie von Whitesnake und finde mehr über die Songs, Alben und Chartplatzierungen von Whitesnake heraus. Hole dir Diese Wiki bearbeiten. s11e04 - Beim Millenium-Fest spielt eine Rockband. Die Bandmitglieder sind sich nicht einig, ob sie nun Whitesnake, Poison, Quiet Riot oder Ratt sind. Whitesnake ist eine britische Hard-Rock-Band, die durch den vormaligen Deep Purple-Sänger David Coverdale gegründet wurde. Zu Beginn setzte die.

David Coverdale founded Whitesnake in [6] [7] in Middlesbrough , Cleveland , north-east England. The core line-up had been working as his backing band The White Snake Band on the White Snake album tour and they retained the title before officially being known as Whitesnake.

They toured with Coverdale as his support band and for both of the solo albums he released, White Snake and Northwinds , between exiting Deep Purple and founding Whitesnake.

Johnston would soon be replaced by Procol Harum organ player and keyboardist Pete Solley. Because of Solley's producing commitments he was replaced by the former Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord , during sessions for the first LP.

Whitesnake recorded the EP Snakebite , which was released in and included a cover of a Bobby "Blue" Bland song " Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City ", their first hit song proving the new wave of British heavy metal could have a chart hit.

A blues rock debut album Trouble , was released in the autumn of and peaked at No. Whitesnake toured Europe to promote the album and their first live album Live at Hammersmith was recorded on this tour and released in Japan in Tracks from the EP Snakebite were included in a reissue of the album Trouble in The new line-up recorded the release Ready an' Willing , which was a breakthrough hit for the band reaching the UK Top 10 and becoming their first entry into the U.

The single " Fool for Your Loving ", which the band originally wrote for B. King , made No. In the Heart of the City , which contained recordings made in and at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, and achieved a No.

In the band recorded the album Come an' Get It , which climbed to No. During Coverdale took time off to look after his sick daughter and decided to put Whitesnake on hold.

In late , the band recorded Slide It In , which was released in Europe in early It was the band's fourth top 10 album in their native UK, peaking at number 9.

Slide It In drew mixed reviews, the negatives focusing on its "flat" mix. In addition to the remix, Sykes and Murray re-recorded the lead guitar and bass parts.

This revised version of the album had its US release in April Despite Coverdale's misgivings regarding the lack of edge in these new tracks, Slide It In scraped the US Top 40, and went double platinum there three years later after the release of the band's eighth album.

My marriage was in tatters and then David Geffen called up and said, 'It is about time that you took America seriously. While touring in spring , Mel Galley suffered a broken arm in an accident, leaving John Sykes as the sole guitarist for the remaining dates.

II, and keyboard player Richard Bailey was brought in. The tour ended with a performance in front of a crowd of over , people, at the Rock in Rio festival held in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil.

Galley remained a member — "he's still getting paid", said Coverdale — until Galley rashly discussed plans to reform Trapeze in an interview and Coverdale fired him.

Starting in , Coverdale and Sykes began writing the material for a follow-up studio album. Sykes would play the rhythm and lead guitars for almost the entire album.

Two musicians from the north of England were brought in for the recording of the album: The album was put on hold for much of , when Coverdale contracted a serious sinus infection that put his singing career in jeopardy.

He eventually recovered, and the Whitesnake album was finished in But shortly before the album's release, Coverdale had dismissed Sykes. Adrian Vandenberg and Vivian Campbell mimed Sykes' guitar parts in the videos and played in subsequent live shows.

The album was entitled in Europe and Serpens Albus in Japan and marked the band's biggest mainstream success in the US. The album continued to sell throughout and , peaking at No.

With the exception of Vandenberg whose only work on the album was the solo on "Here I Go Again" , none of the band members who played on the album appeared in the videos, as they had been fired by Coverdale.

While some long-time fans viewed the album as a sell-out and attempt to pander to mainstream tastes at the time, Coverdale was still reaching back to his musical roots, including most prominently Led Zeppelin, but even older artists like Elvis.

Guitarist Vivian Campbell left Whitesnake in late due to creative differences, and so the band's line-up changed yet again for the album Slip of the Tongue.

Although he co-wrote all of the songs, while preparing for the recording of the album, guitarist Adrian Vandenberg sustained a serious wrist injury, making it impossible for him to play without experiencing great discomfort.

Coverdale had no choice but to find a new guitar player to record the parts. Upon its release, Slip of the Tongue sold three million copies and hit No.

With Vai and Vandenberg both as a full-time members, the band hit the road to support the album. During the Liquor and Poker tour for Slip of the Tongue , the band headlined the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park , England their third time appearing and second headlining.

After the last show of the Liquor and Poker tour in , Coverdale decided he would fold the band. Vandenberg, Sarzo, and Aldridge remained together, forming the new band Manic Eden.

A new line-up of the band was assembled for 's Whitesnake's Greatest Hits album. They embarked on a short tour in Europe, with former Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini playing lead guitar, drummer Denny Carmassi , the return of bassist Rudy Sarzo and guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, and the addition of keyboard player Paul Mirkovich before their recording contract with Geffen expired.

In Coverdale and Vandenberg re-grouped to work together on a new Whitesnake album Restless Heart. This was originally to be a solo album for Coverdale, but the record company pressured them to release it under the Whitesnake name.

However, despite a release in both Japan and Europe, it was never available officially in the US. During the tour, Coverdale and Vandenberg also recorded an unplugged show in Japan entitled Starkers in Tokyo released in The two also played another unplugged show, this time for VH1.

In the end of '97, Coverdale folded the band at the end of the tour, and took another break from the music business. In December Coverdale reformed Whitesnake for Whitesnake's 25th anniversary the upcoming year.

During they headlined the Rock Never Stops Tour with other popular rock bands. The anniversary tour line up remained stable until early , when Mendoza left to pursue the Soul SirkUS project and was replaced by Uriah Duffy.

The album had tracks recorded since , and also included four new studio tracks: These songs have been described by Coverdale as "three balls-to-the-walls rockers and a ballad".

This was the re-mastered album along with a host of bonus material of four live tracks from the Shadow of the Blues Live set.

It also includes the four promo videos for the album on the DVD. On 11 February , Whitesnake announced they would be playing a festival slot at Download Festival in England on 14 June via their official website.

They also announced Def Leppard would be playing on the same day as the headliners. After seeing a specialist, it was announced on 12 August that Coverdale was suffering from severe vocal fold edema and a left vocal fold vascular lesion, and the band had to withdraw from the remainder of Judas Priest tour.

In early February , David Coverdale announced that his voice seemed to have fully recovered from the trauma that sidelined him and the band on the Priest tour.

So Vaughan decided to drop out to focus on his music career, and because he felt like he didn't fit in. Vaughan released his self-titled debut album after he dropped out of elementary school.

Vaughan earned a cent each time a copy of that album was sold. Vaughan released four more country albums after. Vaughan thought of his family to be abusive and a bunch of cock blockers.

Each time he tried to bring a girl home, his family blocked his cock. Vaughan knew his life was now officially fucked up, because of dropping out of school, his family, and his interest in country music.

Vaughan knew had had to fix this shit right away. In he saw a poster in the window of a music shop, advertising a newly released thrash metal album.

The album was, you guessed it, Metallica - Kill 'Em All. Vaughan bought the album and loved it, and became obsessed with thrash metal music.

Humiliated by his family and his roots, Vaughan legaly changed his name to "Whitesnake". Between and , He released 10 albums as Whitesnake.

In , former Deep Purple frontman David Coverdale decided to go solo and form a new band. He released his first album "Whitesnake" in The artist formerly known as Stevie Ray Vaughan was afraid that after Coverdale released that album, he would name his new band after that album.

So he legaly changed his name to "White Snake". Vaughan legaly switched his name back to Whitesnake in As the seventies died and the eighties were born, Whitesnake knew he didn't stand a chance keeping up with what was popular in that decade, so he decided to take a hiatus in Whitesnake returned in early When he returned he knew he had to blend in with what was currently popular.

What was popular at that time was hair metal music Eg: Europe , White Lion , Motley Crue. So he decided to change his musical style to hair metal.

He released his first hair metal album in titled "Fuck Me Up".

After Coverdale Whitesnake temporarily again to stop and to focus on a solo career. Of this world tour-who also attended in was recorded a DVD that was published in He also performs regularly In and with Whitesnake on.

Around 5 July appeared a live double album with music of recent years. Also songs with Adrian Vandenberg. Sign In Don't have an account?

Retrieved from " http: Ready an ' willing. Come an ' get it. Slip of the tongue. Good to be bad. As a long-distance Stand, Whitesnake possesses an extended range about 20 meters [2] , allowing its user, Enrico Pucci, to act undetected within the boundaries of Green Dolphin Street Jail.

Yet it displays strength similar to that of close-range Stands ; capable of stabbing Diver Down and Foo Fighters with its hands.

It is however not powerful enough to fight someone like Jolyne head-on. Thus, Pucci relies on the esoteric set of powers Whitesnake has to ambush enemies and take them down in one strike.

Whitesnake can produce an acid that slowly digests objects like stomach acid. While dissolving, targets of this attack are distracted in a delusional dream-state.

A person trapped in the dream may wake up from it by noticing discrepancies between the dream and established reality. Later, Whitesnake is shown creating sophisticated illusions to diguise itself as other people, having at one point impersonated Weather Report to ambush the Joestar Group and approach the Green Baby.

Whitesnake can first and foremost extract a portion or the entirety of a person's psyche out of their bodies in the form of tangible DISCS and then put them into people.

Memory Discs contain a person's memory and Stand Discs contain a person's Stand. Discs may be inserted into another person's head, allowing them to either freely consult the memories inside [9] or use the corresponding Stand, much like the original user.

Pucci can use this mechanic to force a detrimental power into someone, for example putting a water-boiling Stand DISC inside Foo Fighters despite its dependency on water to survive.

People whose Stand and Memory discs are extracted will fall unconscious [7] and may die, their bodily functions stopping and having to be maintained through machines.

He admits that he got "caught up in it". In a candid period interview, Coverdale sums it up in one sentence:. On 26 September , after the last show on the Slip of the Tongue tour in Tokyo, Coverdale disbanded Whitesnake indefinitely.

He was tired of the business in general and troubled by his separation and later divorce from Tawny Kitaen. Coverdale wanted to find other values in life.

He took "private time to reflect" and think where his career was going. The hiatus did not last long. Both of them have said that the collaboration revitalized them on many levels.

This collaboration led to the Coverdale-Page album. It was released in March The album was a hit all over the world.

It reached number 4 in the UK and number 5 in the US. It was certified Platinum in the US on 7 April After only a limited Japanese tour, Coverdale and Page parted ways.

Some of their audience criticized Coverdale. They thought he was too similar to Plant. In Coverdale assembled a new line-up of Whitesnake with the exception of Coverdale's musical partner, guitarist Adrian Vandenberg and bassist Rudy Sarzo, both of whom had been in Whitesnake since Whitesnake was to tour for the release of their Greatest Hits album.

The band again broke-up after the tour. After this Coverdale once again went away from the music business, for three years. In Coverdale returned and released Restless Heart with Vandenberg on guitar.

The album was originally meant to be Coverdale's solo album. The tour was called Whitesnake's farewell tour, during which Coverdale and Vandenberg played two unplugged shows one in Japan and the other for VH1 [11] [12].

The first of the two shows was released the next year under the title Starkers in Tokyo. After the Restless Heart-tour ended, Coverdale once again ended Whitesnake and took another short break from music.

In Coverdale released his first solo album in 22 years, titled Into The Light. The album was not a hit.

But it did return Coverdale to the music business. In June , Coverdale signed a new record deal with Steamhammer Records.

The first release under the record label was the double live album Live: In the Shadow of the Blues released 27 November The album also contained 4 brand new studio tracks.

They were written by Coverdale and Aldrich. In the band with new bassist and drummer released its first new studio album in over 10 years titled Good to Be Bad.

The band toured for the album extensively. After seeing a specialist, it was announced on 12 August that Coverdale is suffering from severe vocal fold edema.

He has a left vocal fold vascular lesion. The rest of their tour with Judas Priest was cancelled. In early February , David Coverdale has announced his voice seems to have fully recovered from the injury.

He says he's been recording new demos. He wants to create a new Whitesnake album. On tape his voice is sounding full and strong. The latest Whitesnake studio album "Forevermore" was released on 25 March , with Aldrich and Beach on board.

Coverdale was first married in to Julia, and their daughter Jessica was born in Coverdale's second marriage was to actress Tawny Kitaen , from 17 February They divorced in April They have a son, Jasper born On 1 March , Coverdale became a U.

He has lived near Lake Tahoe , Nevada for more than 20 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

David Coverdale Coverdale singing with Whitesnake, Photo: Retrieved 5 November

Da ich mir aber nicht sicher bin, ob ich es jetzt richtig habe: August in der Westfalenhalle in Dortmund und am 1. Bereits folgte das nächste Studioalbum: Beste Spielothek in Stachesried finden of the Night und Is This Love. Version 3, bearbeitet von Concours Versionsverlauf ansehen. Es steht eine neue Version von Last. Auch Thin Lizzy fragten bei Beste Spielothek in Osterhausen finden an, ob er deren Gitarrist werden wollte. In England schaffte sie es trotzdem noch auf Platz 9 der Charts. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Tommy Beste Spielothek in Neuhäsen finden gestaltete sich jedoch wegen dessen Heroinsucht problematisch, so dass sich Deep Purple im März auflösten. Or see other languages. Bei keiner dieser Bands jedoch sieht man ihn jemals am Mikro ac casino boardwalk map. Nach der Auflösung der Band im März Er wurde sowohl unter anderem für seine Soloalben unter dem Namen Vandenberg als auch für seine Veröffentlichungen mit der britischen Hard-Rock-Band Whitesnake bekannt. August auf der Berliner Waldbühneam Du kannst dich gerne beteiligen.

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Whitesnake - Is This Love In England schaffte sie es trotzdem noch auf Platz 9 der Charts. Bereits folgte das nächste Studioalbum: Es werden ebenso Songs der klassischen Besetzung live gespielt. Discover Best Songs of — Part 2. Die Band scheitert an den hohen Anforderungen und erreicht mit dem Album sowohl in England als auch in Amerika nur noch Platz Doch bevor das Album erschien, folgten weitere personelle Veränderungen. Verbinde deine Spotify- und Last. Das nächste Studioalbum Trouble erscheint bereits im Oktober desselben Jahres. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Der ehemalige Deep Purple -Sänger — gründete Whitesnake , deren Bandleader er noch heute ist. Doch damit hatte die Band offenbar ihren Höhepunkt erreicht, mit ihrer weiteren Entwicklung zeigte sich David Coverdale immer unzufriedener, und im Herbst beschloss er, Whitesnake auf Eis zu legen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Tommy Bolin gestaltete sich jedoch wegen dessen Heroinsucht problematisch, so dass sich Deep Purple im März auflösten.

Whitesnake wiki -

Unglücklicherweise erkrankte Coverdale an einer Sinusitis und musste ein sechsmonatiges Rehabilitationsprogramm absolvieren, so dass die Arbeiten am Album weitgehend zum Erliegen kamen. Die Band scheitert an den hohen Anforderungen und erreicht mit dem Album sowohl in England als auch in Amerika nur noch Platz In anderen Projekten Commons. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am As your browser speaks English, would you like to change your language to English?

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Während Sykes fortan alleine für die Gitarren verantwortlich zeichnete, engagierte die Band mit Richard Bailey Ex-Magnum einen Tourkeyboarder, der allerdings hinter der Bühne spielte. Bereits folgt das nächste Studioalbum: Doch bevor das Album erscheint, dreht sich das Bandkarussell erneut. Auf der folgenden Tournee spielte ein weiteres Deep-Purple-Mitglied mit: Slide It In wurde extra für den amerikanischen Markt neu abgemischt, Sykes spielt einige Gitarrenparts neu ein, und Neil Murray überarbeitete die Bassspuren. Slip Of The Tongue soll den Erfolg von wiederholen. Die Band stand wegen der offensichtlichen musikalischen Ausrichtung auf den amerikanischen Markt in der Kritik der Presse, und insbesondere der Fans ihrer frühen Alben. The album was a hit all over the world. Vaughan was getting really tired of this shit and he knew it had to end once and for all. With Vai and Vandenberg both as a full-time members, the band Beste Spielothek in Woitendorf finden the road to support the album. Coverdale put Whitesnake on hiatus after that album. Ready an ' willing. Coverdale was the frontman of a local group called The Government. Under pressure from the record company, the album ' Restless Heart ', however, under the name ' Whitesnake ' released. Coverdale and Whitesnake toured Beste Spielothek in Neue Welt finden album throughout Europe and Japan. Vaughan decided to take a hiatus, until he found out that David Coverdale's band "Whitesnake", were gone for good. He has a left vocal fold vascular lesion. Through the late whitesnake wiki online casino australia blackjack early 90s, in the " hair-band " era, Coverdale kept Whitesnake going with great success. Coverdale had no choice but to find a new guitar player to record the parts. The tour ended with a performance in front kalender norwegen a crowd of overpeople, at the Rock in Rio festival held in Rio de Beste Spielothek in Hinterhönisch findenBrazil. During the recording Beste Spielothek in Lüdingheim finden the new album runs. Johnston would soon be replaced by Procol Harum organ player and erfahrung Pete Solley. Da ich mir aber nicht sicher bin, ob ich es jetzt richtig habe: Zudem war er bei Manic Eden aktiv. David Coverdale seit Gemeint ist aber vmtl. Mendoza verlässt die Band im Sommer und wird durch Uriah Duffy ersetzt. Im Sommer kam die Band erneut nach Beste Spielothek in Roschach finden. Im Sommer kam die Band erneut nach Deutschland. After recording NorthwindsCoverdale paddy power casino mobile formed the band Whitesnake. It Beste Spielothek in Schluttenbach finden released in March Fc köln gegen augsburg from " https: Vaughan played with White Lion on their "Sexual Attraction Tour", but after the tour had ended, he left the band go wild online casino download go bang some whores. Retrieved 18 July Beste Spielothek in Pöppeln finden Vaughan legaly switched his name back to Whitesnake in Vaughan released four more fxpro erfahrungen albums after. The album was put on hold for much ofwhen Coverdale contracted a serious sinus infection that put his singing career in jeopardy. The album continued to sell throughout andpeaking at No. Retrieved from " https: Coverdale had no choice but to find a new guitar player to record the parts. Lord and Paice had not told anyone else. Of this world tour-who also attended in was recorded a DVD that was published in The album Forevermore was released piast gliwice a special edition 'Snakepack' through Classic Rock magazine on 25 Marcha full 3 weeks before its commercial release. Following this theory, t


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